February 21, 2016

Where Are We


We are located inside El Dorado Ranch, just north of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.


Enter El Dorado Ranch Through the “Hacienda del Sol” gate, on the mountain side of the highway. This is the first gate north of “La Ventana del Mar” gate. Travel up the main road for about 2 miles, until you reach a sign that says, “Vista del Sol.” TURN LEFT.

Go about another mile until you reach a round-a-bout with a sign for neighborhoods “Vista del Mar” and Las Brisas.” TURN RIGHT.

Drive on another mile or so, past ALL the houses. You will see our barn on the right hand side of the road (Two-story white barn.)

You can also follow the signage to the barn. They say “Centro Ecuestre” with our horse-head logo.