April 12, 2013


Feeding horses in Baja is not as tricky as it might seem at first thought. Much of Baja is desert, but this simply means that you will have to buy hay that has been shipped in. You can either make a deal to have some shipped down, or find a local person who already ships hay down to resell.

Other adjustments to feed have to be made as well, such as adding bran and psyllium to feed to prevent sand colic.

As always, plenty of water must always be provided for the horses, but you may want to set out extra in Baja as it can get very warm during the summer and horses will drink more.

We feed twice a day, and the diet consists of alfalfa hay, and bran/oat mash. Psyllium and fly repellant feed-through are also regularly scheduled to be added to the mash. We’ve connected with several hay resellers in San Felipe, and the rest we bring down from the States regularly.


Fly repellant and Alfalfa