The Horses Got Fly Masks for Christmas!

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a nice holiday, good break and fun Christmas and New Year’s celebration! Out at the equestrian center, the holidays were relaxed. The horses all got their Christmas treat – new fly masks! And not just any fly masks either… Definitely a fun look – New Year equestrian fashion trend Read more about The Horses Got Fly Masks for Christmas![…]

Dealing With Flies at a Baja Barn

Just like anywhere else, fly control is an aspect of horse-keeping in Baja. Depending on the weather and the day, flies can be almost non-existent, or can show up in droves (especially on the hottest days, they seem to like to find shelter in the shade around the horse shelters. Hmm.) We use several techniques Read more about Dealing With Flies at a Baja Barn[…]

Preparing Horses for Rain and Wind in Baja

While the vast majority of the time the skies are sunny and bright, and the weather relaxed, Baja does get rainstorms and leftover storms from weather patterns that travel up the Sea of Cortez. Sometimes the weather can change very suddenly, so it’s good to make sure that you and all of your four-legged family Read more about Preparing Horses for Rain and Wind in Baja[…]

The Ins and Outs of Horse-Keeping

Ah the ins and outs of horse-keeping… Here is the in: And here is the out: One of the great things about horse-keeping in the desert is the sand. Great for hooves, it also makes mucking a breeze! If you’re curious about what we feed, check out our Feeding page. Feed varies a bit every Read more about The Ins and Outs of Horse-Keeping[…]