2018 Board Increase

2018 will be the first time I will increase board.  We opened in 2013 with board at $290/mo. 2014,15,16,&17 saw no increase. Cost of living allocation in US and Mexico is between 2-4% depending on employer, retirement, etc.
I’m going to use the lowest, 2% of $290. That is $5.80.
So if I attach that for 2014,15,16,17…&18, that is an increase of $29.
If I do this now there will not be a “lump” increase again. I will simply raise board $5.80/mo at the beginning of each calendar year.
This means that beginning January 1, 2018 your board will be $319 a month, January 2019 it will be $324.80, and so on…
Just so you know(this is my full disclosure), even if all the horses were boarded out and all shoeing and veterinarian services covered by boarders, I would only make $25/mo profit per boarder. That would of course go into improvements and repairs. Boarders have never been considered a source of income. I’m counting on trail rides, lessons, and events for that.
Remember that if you pay by check or bank transfer, I can write you a “letter of donation” for tax purposes.
This means that every boarder will need to sign an amendment to their boarding agreement reflecting the increase. I’ll right it to include the projected 2% in the future as well, save paper and signing each year 😊
Someday I hope to break even…haha
“Horses and boats are God’s way of telling you that you either have too much money or not enough brains.”
Thank you so much for understanding.

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