We Have New Horses!

In 2014  Xena and Lightning (now named Anchor) arrived from All the Pretty Horses, a rehabilitation center for neglected horses in Primo Tapia, Baja.

Anchor in 2015

Below is a photo of Diego and Violet. this mother and son combo were rescued by a loving woman in one of the south compos. They were brought to us in the summer of 2015. Violet (the pinto, is privately owned. Diego is sponsored but will serve as one of our string horses.

New in 2015; Diego and Violet

If you are thinking about getting a horse in San Felipe, definitely consider adopting or sponsoring one of the rehabilitated horses from All the Pretty Horses. They have some amazing creatures with incredible recovery stories, and you can be part of a happy ending for one of these horses! Contact us to find out more about finding a great horse match for you and bringing him or her over to San Felipe!

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