4 thoughts on “The Horses Are Happy to Graze!

  • Hooray! Horses in San Felipe! I heard rumors someone was opening an equestrian center, and here you are.

    I am retired. Coming down to SF about thanksgiving, staying for several months in a casita my brother found for me. Sadly, leaving my horse barn up here in cold wet Olympia WA. Will need a horse fix. Need help with anything? I enjoy just being around the ponies. My US cell phone gets and sends free texting, not phone calls. 360 790-2636 Email is my other method of communication.

  • Wondering if you have any idea if there is any type of animal control for abandoned horses as we have on here in Rancho Percebu who’s owner has been notified several times that her horse is on the loose but she doesn’t follow thru. She does not live here but has a property adjacent to ours.
    I would love to get some feed back on this problem. We do love having her around but she is free ranging & we’re afraid she w/get hurt from traffic & such.
    Thank you, Carole Renfrow

    • Hi Karen! We are located through the second to last north gate of El Dorado. You drive all the way to the first round-about, and then take a right, and drive down that road for several miles and we are on the right. Give us a call before you head over, and we can get you from the gate and show you the way the first time, as it’s a bit tricky to find at first, plus that way we can make sure that we are there when you visit. Call 686-526-2912 (dial 044 first if you are calling from a landline)

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