Vet Visit to the Equestrian Center!

So yesterday we had our vets come down from Mexicali to file teeth and administer vaccinations. Vets Francisco and Saul and vet students Alejandro and Victor took very good care of lil Lucky and Hallie.

The vet truck has arrived!

The vet truck has arrived!

Lucky, our little Mexican rescue horse had his teeth done for the very first time and is doing so much better.


Lucky being a good boy while he gets his dentistry done.

Of course, he was feeling a little out of it while the sedatives wore off. He looks like it could be the morning after a wild night in Vegas.

Looks like someone had a crazy night!

The Hangover 4: Horse Edition!

For Hallie this stuff was old hat, and now both horsies’ teeth are nice and filed.

Hallie has her teeth done.

Hallie has her teeth done.

Never a dull day when you have Horses in Baja!


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  • Hi there, I am thrilled to see a stable at El Dorado and can not wait to check it out when we get there in Nov. I have two horses here in Alberta and would love to have one down there. I would not want to go through the hassle of bringing ours to Mexico however and wonder what your costs would be to board if I were to purchase a horse in Mexico. Keep up the good work!

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