Preparing Horses for Rain and Wind in Baja

While the vast majority of the time the skies are sunny and bright, and the weather relaxed, Baja does get rainstorms and leftover storms from weather patterns that travel up the Sea of Cortez. Sometimes the weather can change very suddenly, so it’s good to make sure that you and all of your four-legged family members are prepared.

In the next few days there may be rain and high winds from a tropical weather pattern coming up the Sea, and affecting Baja, so taking the time now to check and adjust is ideal. (You can see the projected Weather Pattern by clicking here)

Ensuring that your horses have adequate shelter from the wind and rain is important – check that shelter structures are stable and in good condition, with nothing that could blow loose in a high wind.

Check that supplies, feed and anything that could potentially blow around is properly secured. Make sure that hay, feed and tack are well covered and stored up high enough to avoid getting damp if it rains a great deal.

Go over the fencing and make sure that it is all secure and there is nothing that could fall into it.

And of course, it’s important to check things again after the storm to be sure nothing has come loose or gotten damaged.

You may also want to keep an extra supply of feed on hand, a little fencing/barn/shelter repair kit, and definitely first aid kits for both the horses and the humans.

While Baja is sunny and gorgeous most of the time, it’s always best to be prepared!


In Baja, when it rains, it can most definitely pour!


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